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New established specialist, and one of the best transport & logistics companies with the largest integrated logistics network in Europe.

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About us

Reliable and consistent delivery of your goodst

You may have fantastic products, but if your transportation service is unhelpful, unreliable, or just plain hard to get in touch with, folks will hear about it, and you’ll lose customers over it.

Adaptive and cost-effective shipping solutions

New cost-efficient business models and services towards resilient and zero-emission logistics are adopted by the sector in the short-medium term, also supported by appropriate regulatory frameworks and participatory planning processes. Regardless of your industry, BBA Transport offers tailored solutions to meet your business needs. Let us simplify and connect your supply chain from beginning to the end.


We do what we promise to do – 99.99% on-time services

The BBA Transport company is a new but experienced company inherited from its sister company BB Europ Transport, which has several years of experience in the field of international transport.


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